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The Pursuit Of

Linking Strength,
Unity And Growth.

Diverse Accomplishments.

Maintaining Authenticity
with Innovativeness.

Impressive range of
technical skills & resources.

Professionalism & Expertise
by our Experts.

Leading provider of Civil, Infrastructure & MEP Contracting Solutions for Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning work for all Construction related requirements.

GBH was formed with the collaborated aim of being able to offer complete solutions with a more efficient approach to the traditional method of managing a construction project, by providing coordinated services all within one company and under the same roof.

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GBH promotes a thriving & passionate working environment complete with a wide range of challenges & experiences for employees.

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About BSI Group

Headquartered in Dubai, BSI Group is a privately-held diversified group of companies and subsidiaries that operate under one umbrel-la while primarily concentrating on overseeing the daily functioning of its SGA (Subsidiaries Group Associates). Since our formation in 1989, we have been guided by a set of values that classify our Group. A decade later these values remain as strong as ever, making us one of the leading Pioneer Business Groups in the Middle East.

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GBH services specialist in Design & Build Contracting as well as Turnkey & MEP Contracting, Civil Construction, Infrastructure services, and Industrial installations across various segments of the industry.

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